About Us - FAQs

Lightbourne is a Baltimore-based small business specializing in laser branding of gifts and business products.

FAQs - 

Do you charge for shipping?

We only ship to locations in the US, at this time, and there is no additional charge for shipping our products.

What is your typical shipping time from when the order is placed?

We try to handle the order as quickly as possible, but it could take up to 3-5 business days to send out your item based on our inventory status. Also, each item is custom crafted especially for your order! You will get a notification via email as soon as your item is on the way!

What kind of laser do you have to create your products?

Currently, we are using 30W fiber lasers. As our business grows we are looking to expand our capabilities with machines that process a variety of other materials like glass, leather, and acrylic.

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